We offerexciting career opportunities for individuals interested in working on the construction industry's most challenging projects.  

Our company, founded in 1957, has built a strong reputation for integrity, honesty and ethical business practices. MSI is continually recruiting top candidates. We seek individuals who will prosper in a team environment and who fit our values and culture of integrity and excellence. Additionally, we recognize and value the diverse men and women who make up our workforce


MSI Construction’s strategy is to grow employees within the company, which starts with recruiting talented students from the nation’s top construction and engineering programs – and by building strong relationships with the facilities so that they consider us an employer of choice.

Students selected to participate in our internship program begin a challenging journey, but one that often leads to permanent and satisfying employment. Those selected are hired as Field Engineers or Project Engineers. The internship program is conducted throughout the year for a minimum of three months and can be flexible with students’ class schedules. Resumes should be submitted at least two months prior to the desired start date.

During the internship program, interns are trained and encouraged to perform many of the same duties as salaried employees. This involvement enables interns to develop “real world” skills while getting a taste of what it is like to work for MSI Construction.
If an individual’s values and work ethic align with MSI’s core values and mission, we make a competitive offer.



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Though expectations are high for employees of MSI Construction, the reward of being a part of an organization that values its people, offers challenging projects, and opportunities for rapid growth makes for an exciting career. We define best practices and work to ensure that we are the company of choice for the construction workforce of the future — perhaps your future.