When it comes to concrete formwork, MSI can handle each job from start to finish. Our formwork services include:

  • Formwork
  • Rebar and Mesh
  • Post Tensioning
  • Supervision
  • Layout and Engineering


Pump, Place, Finish

These three core steps are what it takes to create true architectural stability – a craft we’ve perfected for over seven decades. MSI can perform concrete flatwork for the following structure types:

  • Arenas
  • Commercial Buildings
  • Parking Structures
  • Industrial Facilities
More than Concrete

At MSI Construction, we want to inform our customers about the benefits of concrete. More than just strength and durability, concrete has many more benefits. It is virtually fire-resistance, Low maintenance, and Affordable. Also, the high reflective qualities of concrete used in pavements and building walls means more light is reflected, and less heat is absorbed, resulting in cooler temperatures. So its energy efficient.

We Offer:

Having completed many projects from a city sidewalk and street curbs, to full concrete industrial structures and bridges, our construction team is dedicated to getting your project done on time and budget. We have built a fantastic reputation and outstanding record filled with commercial and industrial projects.

Contact our offices in Clinton, IN, at (765)-832-2472 to speak with one of our project managers about your upcoming project.

  • Formwork
  • Flatwork
  • Slabs & Sidewalks
  • Parking lots & Curbs
  • Industrial Forming 
  • Foundations